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Ahhh morning SUN

Ahh- its sunny (again) and I am loving it...cuz it is a treat to have sun with us. Today will be pretty busy for me. I have a full day of classes and then afterwards I have a Mask and Hammer Meeting till 5. Then I have to go to the Shadow of a Gunman rehearsal to take pix for my "historian" portfolio that I am building. Then at around 8 I have the "will you be my pumpkin?" social and the car management lecture. Hopefully Rachele will let me go to the Car one for a while- cuz she knows i want to paint a punpkin, but i also want to learn how to take care of Baby-Blue when she breaks down.
Wow- I didn't realize that i will only have about two hours to myself today. Good thing i hurt my foot and can't go to the gym- cuz there would be no time for it. Gym hiatus is ok for the week tho, cuz i walked the entire city yesterday (city- hahaha) and last night again.
Saw "Down with Love" last night-it was really good because it wasn't a typical ending. It starred Renee and Ewan and they were both marvelous. Advisement to go see it- about a 7 out of a 10.
On another note I am sick- again. I woke up coughing and hacking. At least it is after Chris left. That would suck if I was hacking a lung whilst he was around. Everyone was surprised that he left. It was unusual because i came home and i was in pain- but i took care of a big girl! :)
Well- that is all i hafta say about today. Perhaps a recap will commence later, but we will see- it all depends on my mood and exhaustion.


*Asia test in 3 hours and counting********
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