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Your hair- its everywhere

I just finished watching a "Ginger" episode on Nickeolodeon. I can fully say that i feel at home right now. I love it. I just cuddled up in my blankets formerly owned by Chris (still smelling of his skin) and i unwrapped my bandaged foot and watched tv. I almost felt that my mother was going to call for dinner and i would have to give up my comfortable position for pasta.
I jotted down a couple of things from people and commercials. I don't know what they will mean to you- but they have a certain meaning to me today:

"Sometimes when your supposed to say something miraculous, you can't find the words inside yourself."
"Dangerously twisted words."
"If you don't step up to the plate, you can be sure someone else will."
"Life moves by fast and furiously."
"action rules- you rule the actions."

I miss you Chris. Just know that I love you.
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