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Hey guys

Been a while? I know you all have missed me. College life is great! I have all these cool freinds on my hall and I love everyone in my hall too- my wall~mate (Stacey) is crazy.....she is always studying and even her roomate can't stand her. I have her roomate in my art class. I have the easiest schedule- I take 6 classes but i also have the latest classes! Its nice. The gym is a fun focal spot. I like to keep busy (as usual) so i have been trying out for plays, i joined the rugby team, i work (hopefully i won't- cuz its just not my thing), and i have a great freind, Sammi, in which i chill with a lot. I love it. Good luck to all of you who are applying- just make sure you look at the social aspect of it- it is a big part of college life!

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