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Been loafin

Yea- I'm a busy fuck, but lately i have been loafin it a bit. Like instead of all three jobs in one day- i will make an appearance at one or two and then chill with the freinds. I've been tired as hell and I feel sick half the time from my BC. Well, life goes on. Chris came up for the weekend- a plus of the moment. Every likes him mucho- even David, who doesn't appeal to any guy I bring around him, for reasons apparent but unsaid. On the better side of the rainbow, i bought the Hurley Cord shoes i wanted in vibrant red and black checkers! Very cool i might say. I also bought thre compilation cd's from HT and some relaxed men's pants for structure/express at that 80% sale they are having. So i am also full of clothing from the "janet hand-me-down" convention i had yesterday at her house. I got some nice prizes. Three new additions to my room are teh glass horses and chinese dragon that Chris bought me for our un-official anniversary. They are so thoughtful and really antique. I have to say my favorite gift was the demonic purple rubber ducky he got for my shower! I am digging it. I think thats a pretty good recap of my weekend. Nothing really explosive cept for the massive drug enhancements everyone surrounding me has been partaking in. I gave up on that ordeal when i started the BC. Yayy- for me! Ciao.
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