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I will no longer..   
02:46pm 14/12/2003
mood: amused
be using this post unit :( i know it's sad....I will now be at

Lucky6n16ht03....long I know...but meaningful....

SO yea- cya there if ya dare.

Be there or be [ ]

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06:06pm 06/11/2003
mood: ecstatic
OH yea-

I love Mike KATSSSS!!!!! yippie!

hey mike- spin me round round round like a record baby round round round round!

btw- did anyone else see i love 86 yesterday...whoo hoo! its JENGA!

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06:03pm 06/11/2003
mood: cheerful
I just got back from the easiest day of my week- one class at 4...hehe. I also tried out for the Vagina Monolouges....lets see tomara how i did shall we? I got a piggy bank today at Wally-world! It is great! It is ceramic!!!! yayy for me!!!...but i gotta go cuz i hafta write an essay for Comp now, well gotta re-write it....B! who-hoo!!!! I rock the casbah!

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I love you~   
11:36pm 02/11/2003
mood: excited
I love chris cruz~

That is all.

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I love college   
09:41am 31/10/2003
mood: creative
I love college i love college i love college HEY HEY HEY HEY! Today is halloween! Oneonta does it right i gotta tell you! Yesterday hulbert and wilsbach were all decorated and the employees dressed up- plus there was a cotton candy machine!!!!!! and all the lil kids trick or treated yesterday for halloween on campus- HOW CUTE THEY WERE!!!! but i had to go to rehearsal :( but the show was great! Ow well- thats it.


I love you Chris baby!

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just one of those days   
09:26am 20/10/2003
mood: sick
muggy out. Am i allowed to say that? Usually muggy indicates hot and sticky and...welll....HoT, which it is not. It is just really foggy out. I can't see the sun- only a little neon ball over the trees of Golding Hill (backside). I don't really have much time today- i hafta finish a bunch of things for composition class and I have class from 11-4 (mid-term for art) and fpractice from 6:30-9:30. At least it's finally in Hamblin Theatre. It wasn't before today because Shadow of A Gunman was being shown in there until last Saturday. On that note- ushering was a lot of fun. I enjoy it! I think I'm going to sign up for ushering every play!
OooOOoo Dave Matthews just came on the radio- Mmmmm. Makes me wanna sway back and forth in happiness.
My big bag-o-candy corn is almost gone! Sammi and everyone in the room (including myself) continuously reached into the bag and ate them. I love candy corn! Well- I love just about everything about Halloween. One year I remember being mauled by about 15 guys in Secor. I wasi with Jay, CHristina, Tara, Brittany, Sorba, and Mandy. We were covered in white shaving cream- so much that I styled my hair in it :) I had princess Laiya (spell?) buns on the sides of my head. AND THEY STAYED! yea- so then we re-treated to my house and sat in the basedment and attempted to clean off so we could enter me house without getting slime all over. Great times.
Ahh I forgot- today I also have Mask & Hammer from 4-5... damn, i have no time. I guess i will eat at 6-ish. Wonder if Sam'll be around then. Hm-

Well i guess thats all on my thoughts for the moment. :)

Everyone come to MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT- running October 28th-November 1st. 8 o'clock!

~"Whoever said sunshine brought happiness never danced in the rain"~

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Hey guys- scary   
08:29am 17/10/2003
mood: drained
I had one of the worst dreams ever. I don't even remember all of it- but i woke up in a cold sweat and i was burning up temperature-wise. I have two mid-terms today. Hopefully I won't fail- i studied for them....but i am nervous cuz they are my first college mid-terms. well. yea, thats it. Ciao.

I love you, baby.

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Ahhh morning SUN   
09:45am 13/10/2003
mood: distressed
Ahh- its sunny (again) and I am loving it...cuz it is a treat to have sun with us. Today will be pretty busy for me. I have a full day of classes and then afterwards I have a Mask and Hammer Meeting till 5. Then I have to go to the Shadow of a Gunman rehearsal to take pix for my "historian" portfolio that I am building. Then at around 8 I have the "will you be my pumpkin?" social and the car management lecture. Hopefully Rachele will let me go to the Car one for a while- cuz she knows i want to paint a punpkin, but i also want to learn how to take care of Baby-Blue when she breaks down.
Wow- I didn't realize that i will only have about two hours to myself today. Good thing i hurt my foot and can't go to the gym- cuz there would be no time for it. Gym hiatus is ok for the week tho, cuz i walked the entire city yesterday (city- hahaha) and last night again.
Saw "Down with Love" last night-it was really good because it wasn't a typical ending. It starred Renee and Ewan and they were both marvelous. Advisement to go see it- about a 7 out of a 10.
On another note I am sick- again. I woke up coughing and hacking. At least it is after Chris left. That would suck if I was hacking a lung whilst he was around. Everyone was surprised that he left. It was unusual because i came home and i was in pain- but i took care of myself...like a big girl! :)
Well- that is all i hafta say about today. Perhaps a recap will commence later, but we will see- it all depends on my mood and exhaustion.


*Asia test in 3 hours and counting********

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Your hair- its everywhere   
05:32pm 12/10/2003
mood: contemplative
I just finished watching a "Ginger" episode on Nickeolodeon. I can fully say that i feel at home right now. I love it. I just cuddled up in my blankets formerly owned by Chris (still smelling of his skin) and i unwrapped my bandaged foot and watched tv. I almost felt that my mother was going to call for dinner and i would have to give up my comfortable position for pasta.
I jotted down a couple of things from people and commercials. I don't know what they will mean to you- but they have a certain meaning to me today:

"Sometimes when your supposed to say something miraculous, you can't find the words inside yourself."
"Dangerously twisted words."
"If you don't step up to the plate, you can be sure someone else will."
"Life moves by fast and furiously."
"action rules- you rule the actions."

I miss you Chris. Just know that I love you.

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King Henry the 5th   
10:58pm 29/09/2003
mood: crazy
Hello everyone!

I bought a fish today! Glee! Sammi and I went to the perfect pet store and I saw the perfect fish (well i couldn't see him so i grabbed for the fishbowl in the WAYYYY back) and he is soooo beautiful. He is red and blue and purple! He has really really really long fins and he makes little bubbles on the top of the water. Sammi and Chris are the godparents and Chris and I are the parents and it is fun. I named him King Henry the 5th but if he turns out to be a she than she will be Queen henrietta the 5th.

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Chicago, eh?   
10:06am 22/09/2003
mood: crushed
:) My baby bought me the Chicago DVD...not only a very very very very good movie with lots of cool songs...but its also my first DVD ever! But i can't get over it and all the songs get stuck in my head. So did any mahopacians see me lately> with the black hair and the shorter cut? I love it- ppl don't know how to react at first...but thats ok. I saw too many puppies this weekend. I love them! P.S.- never take me to any kind of pet shop- its my downfall! Well- i just had a need to write....so yea. Class! Ciao

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Hey guys   
10:15pm 16/09/2003
mood: ditzy
Been a while? I know you all have missed me. College life is great! I have all these cool freinds on my hall and I love everyone in my hall too- my wall~mate (Stacey) is crazy.....she is always studying and even her roomate can't stand her. I have her roomate in my art class. I have the easiest schedule- I take 6 classes but i also have the latest classes! Its nice. The gym is a fun focal spot. I like to keep busy (as usual) so i have been trying out for plays, i joined the rugby team, i work (hopefully i won't- cuz its just not my thing), and i have a great freind, Sammi, in which i chill with a lot. I love it. Good luck to all of you who are applying- just make sure you look at the social aspect of it- it is a big part of college life!


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Packing is a pain   
09:49am 22/08/2003
mood: content
Well, looks like i've packed my life away in small boxes and crates- now all i have to do is pack my computer...but i don't want to. My computer packed away in a box finalizes the move- i don't want to move. I mean i DO- i really do- but now i have such a wonderful thing going with my freinds and Chris and my jobs and it just sux to start all of it over again. I guess it will be painful not being able to see my freinds everyday, but I will call them and such- So this is my farewell Mahopac until Thanksgiving sometime- Muah, you've been "the beast"

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did you know i had a 5 day party this week?   
03:30pm 14/08/2003
mood: pleased
Well, if not- then u didn't know me or you just didn't get word. In this week, two ppl puked, 12 ppl fucked, numerous hook-ups, one fire estinguiser used (just because it is cool), 12 dollars worth of recycled beer bottles, 8 great liquer bottles completed, and ppl from the age of 16-24. Woo hoo- thats my story. I'm going to the Poconos w/ Chris and his freinds and mine for the weekend- 22 ppl. WIsh me luck and keep ur fingers crossed.

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10:29am 11/08/2003
mood: drunk
Everyone in 'pac- or where ever you are. My parents went away for the week- they will be back friday, but until then. Party every night- last night there were 80 bottles of beer consumed. I'm shocked.

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lies i tell you.   
12:34pm 03/08/2003
mood: frustrated
This town is so boring. Just reading through the livejournals- does anyone do anything worth while around this fucking bumble town? I just get frustrated at how lame everyone sounds. I mean, my life isn't bursting with excitement, but the day isn't brighter when i get a cable modem or find a new cool website. I feel like this town revolves around the computer life because there is nothign left to go out and do- LIEs ALL LIES. lol. Ciao

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whoo-hoo....i'm loyal   
12:30pm 03/08/2003
mood: tired

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Been loafin   
04:23pm 20/07/2003
mood: curious
Yea- I'm a busy fuck, but lately i have been loafin it a bit. Like instead of all three jobs in one day- i will make an appearance at one or two and then chill with the freinds. I've been tired as hell and I feel sick half the time from my BC. Well, life goes on. Chris came up for the weekend- a plus of the moment. Every likes him mucho- even David, who doesn't appeal to any guy I bring around him, for reasons apparent but unsaid. On the better side of the rainbow, i bought the Hurley Cord shoes i wanted in vibrant red and black checkers! Very cool i might say. I also bought thre compilation cd's from HT and some relaxed men's pants for structure/express at that 80% sale they are having. So i am also full of clothing from the "janet hand-me-down" convention i had yesterday at her house. I got some nice prizes. Three new additions to my room are teh glass horses and chinese dragon that Chris bought me for our un-official anniversary. They are so thoughtful and really antique. I have to say my favorite gift was the demonic purple rubber ducky he got for my shower! I am digging it. I think thats a pretty good recap of my weekend. Nothing really explosive cept for the massive drug enhancements everyone surrounding me has been partaking in. I gave up on that ordeal when i started the BC. Yayy- for me! Ciao.

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01:08am 20/07/2003
mood: crazy
I love my freinds. I love my family. I love chris. I love life. WHat a beautiful pole.

I'm crazy tired- g'nite!

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Yea- sorry i have been busy and can't write my life story- but here are some cool quizzes.   
03:14pm 17/07/2003
mood: curious

My personality is rated 34.
What is yours?
quiz by midgetfarm.com

I am the
Which smiley are you?


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